We have gained the trust of more than 100 clients all over India and are now offering hassle-free campus hiring services to over 13,000+ institutes. Our aim is to connect the best talent with your team.Discover the future of virtual campus recruitment with our innovative campus hiring solutions designed to meet all your campus hiring needs.

- Campus hiring made easy

Why Choose Us


Connected to over 13,000+ colleges

We have established connections with colleges and universities to enhance our college recruitment efforts. Our robust college recruitment network allows you to recruit the most talented individuals for job positions.


Onboard your own colleges

Easily onboard your colleges for efficient campus placement drives. Send job invitations to TPOs, and manage the entire campus placement process effectively.


Interview control room

Centralize your virtual interview process! Our control room empowers you to effortlessly manage and monitor multiple virtual interviews simultaneously. With a single click, gain a comprehensive overview and take control, ensuring a seamless virtual interview experience.


Our system integrates with meeting tools.

Utilize meeting tools that provide comprehensive solutions for organizing, conducting, and managing virtual interviews with candidates.


Save 60% of your time and cost

Reduce recruitment time & costs by 60% with our campus recruiting solution! Our well-designed campus hiring platform significantly improves your recruitment process efficiency, leading to time savings and cost reductions.


Customizable hiring process

Tailoring the hiring process to meet your organization's specific needs can enhance efficiency and provide a seamless experience for potential candidates.

What Features We Provide

  • Application tracking system

    SkillsConnect ATS tool help recruiters to automate the hiring process. It allows them to streamline the recruitment process, reduce the time needed to screen applications, and enhance the quality of the hiring process.

  • Schedule interviews

    You can use our platform to easily create virtual group discussions and interviews. You can add candidates and panel members to the discussion or interview. Our platform also offers dynamic interview scheduling with integrated platforms for your convenience.

  • Schedule hiring assessments

    Schedule online hiring assessments for candidates with a single click. Receive real-time updates and results, streamlining your recruitment process

  • Email/WhatsApp notifications

    Send Job invite to colleges, interview updates, and reminders to the candidate(s) via email and whatsapp.

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  • Interview updates

    Manage candidate selection efficiently with real-time interview updates on our campus recruitment platform.

  • Assessment tool integrations

    Enhance candidate evaluation with our campus recruitment platform's seamless assessment tool integrations. We offer industry-leading tools like Prospect AI and continuously integrate more for a well-rounded recruitment process.

  • Advance reports

    Our campus recruitment platform provides comprehensive hiring procedures and data analysis tools to ensure a fair and balanced recruitment process through advanced reporting.

  • Post diverse opportunities

    Reach a wider range of candidates by showcasing diverse opportunities, including hiring freshers for live projects, summer internships, and full-time roles, providing jobs for freshers and hiring graduates

  • Huge database of verified colleges

    Access a massive database of over 13,000+ verified colleges for campus hiring opportunities. Additionally, our recruitment platform allows you to add or import your own college lists for a customized experience.

We have gained the trust of more than 100 clients all over India and are now offering hassle-free campus hiring services to over 13,000+ institutes.Our aim is to connect the best talent with your team.

- Campus hiring made easy


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