19 September, 2022

8 Kinds of Internships That Even First Year Students Can Apply To!


Hrithvik Divekar


Today’s generation wants to be financially independent and wish to work in a corporate environment from the very beginning. Here are a few types of internship that even a first year student can do and gain both money and experience.

1) Teaching

With the current situation of pandemic, need of capable tutors in various institutions has grown. Online applications and personal tutor providing services can give a very enriching experience and also a handy pay. Students can also work as invigilators, paper correctors, non-teaching staff and much more.

Not only in academics but also in creative field students can intern such as Music, Dancing, Art and so on. There are various companies who are looking for work from home interns as well. This will also save you the trouble of traveling and won’t affect your academics. Byju’s, Whitehat Jr. are a few examples of the same.

2) Content writer

Hands down one of the best field to gain experience in is content writing. If you are agile with your words, if you creatively express your thoughts, then my friend content writing is a good opportunity for you. Be it advertisement, educational blogs or reviews, there are ample of internships available in all the fields.

All you need is a working device such as laptop or even a smartphone would do and a stable internet connection. These opportunities also come in languages other than English such as Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati and much more.

3) Graphic Designing

This is for all the doodlers and painters who have mastered their art with finesse. Each and every organization needs graphic designers and there vast ocean of opportunities. If you are able to use applications such as Coral draw, Photoshop, Canva, etc. then you’re sure to stay in demand. Graphic designing is ever growing field and a way for students to express themselves as an artist too.

4) Human Resources

If your gut tells you that you’re a planner, an extrovert and great at meeting new people and never back down from any conversation then Human Resource is also a great field for you. Here you can create a strong network with working professionals which can prove fruitful in future as well.

Recruitment and onboarding or handling grievances are not the only functions of an HR person. You can plan management games, events and parties which boosts the moral of all the co-workers. A HR role is rewarding in many ways.

5) Translator

Are you multilingual ? Meaning you can speak two or more languages, then you can also work as a translator. You can translate verbal information into written and vice versa . There is a never ending flow of content and translating it into different languages will only increase your audience or customers. Many giants of the entertainment industry such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc are giving opportunities.

There is also a vast vacancy in YouTube channels as well. You can also work for authors, poets and writers. This enhances your proficiency in multiple languages.

6) Social media – Influencers

If you are confident, charismatic and virtuous speaker and don’t have any camera shyness then social media can open thousands of doors of opportunities for you. Today the power of social media has brought success to millions of people. Whether it be complicated animations or a simple dance routine, anything can set a trend. Anything can become viral and make you a successful overnight.

You can collaborate with various brands no matter whichever industry it might be. It can be a restaurant or clothing brand and working as a social media influencer for them. Your creative brain needs to kick in with the right motivation, you can surely become a star.

7) Sales

Any and all businesses survive because of sales. Salesmanship is a craft and if one can master it, that person is sure to shine brighter than the star. Getting sales and marketing exposure is a very enriching experience. It will add onto your personality and you are sure to blossom into a better and superior version of yourself.

In corporate, there is an infinite need of sales and marketing people. There is a misconception that it can be exhausting and hectic, but it is more rewarding than any other functions of any organization. Better pay, better incentives and the company takes care of those who bring sale for them.

8) Photography and Videography

With the ever evolving technology, you don’t necessarily need to have a professional camera, even with your smart phone you can have HD quality pictures and videos. If you have the knack for capturing the beautiful moments and also excel at applications such as Premiere pro, Aftereffects, photoshop, etc then you can create wonders and also earn huge.

You can work for various giants of the entertainment industry and also with upcoming musicians and dancers to create amazing videos. Certifications in animations and VFX would prove to be a cherry on top of the cake. These were some of my personal suggestions and I hope you found them interesting . More importantly if you’re a student , I hope you find something that you wish to do along with your education. Working while learning is being normalized today and also it adds to your credibility.

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