13 February, 2024

Bridging the gap between Corporates-campus-candidates


Nilakantan Govindan


In the fiercely competitive and ever-evolving job market, it demands a highly skilled and adaptable workforce. To keep up the pace and demand of one of the fast-growing large economies, a collaborative effort between educational institutions and corporations is crucial. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, we can empower individuals and map the right resources, thereby fueling national progress.

India has more than 39,000 colleges and most of the colleges have mushroomed in the last 17 years, which is a foundation of a strong future workforce. This significant workforce offers both abundant opportunities and serious employment challenges. 

Source: Times of India

Here's how this powerful partnership can unfold:

Curriculum Reshaping: Corporations can provide insights into future skill needs, fix gaps, and tweak relevant academic programs. Colleges can offer industry-ready courses like big data, digital marketing, AI, design thinking, etc. helping students better prepared for real-world challenges.

Experiential Learning: Internships, mentorships, and project-based learning opportunities offered by corporations can give students invaluable hands-on experience and industry exposure.

Faculty Development: Corporations can offer training programs for faculty, keeping them updated on industry trends and best practices. This will ensure that students learn relevant skills and industry-specific curriculum.

Joint Research &Development: Collaborative research between colleges and corporations can accelerate innovation and address industry-specific challenges.

Scholarship & Funding:  Corporate investment in scholarships and research grants can make higher education more accessible, fostering a diverse and talented workforce.

The ripple effect of this collaboration is immense: Students gain the skills and confidence needed to thrive in the competitive job market.

Corporations benefit from a readily available pool of qualified talent.

Such initiatives will help India to support economic growth, innovation, and social mobility.

Skillsconnect.in is a platform with a reach of more than 13,500+ colleges across 1,000+ cities in India, which is primarily focused on bridging the gap between colleges and corporates.  Its fundamental values & beliefs are focused on facilitating the capability development of the students and focused on connecting a large talent pool and the Job Market.

In this pursuit, to make students future-ready, we are building tech-enabled tools and systems to engage and connect corporates and colleges seamlessly. To a great extent, it addresses students' real-life challenges from internships, live projects, industry exposure, skill developments, and job placements. Candidates benefit by gaining experience and better equip themselves with competencies and skills required to succeed. 

Skillsconnect.in will enable the community to participate in

Writing Blogs - Corporate subject matter experts and faculty members could share their knowledge and wisdom with the students on the current and future business challenges and ways forward.

Newsletters – colleges will be able to share newsletters and learn best practices for adaption. Candidates will also get an opportunity to share their innovative practices and path-breaking ideas with a large pool of corporates, colleges, and fellow candidates. This will facilitate knowledge sharing between various stakeholders.

Competitions and challenges - Quiz and other competitions will engage college students on contemporary topics enabling students to gain in-depth knowledge. Leadership boards will be published. 

Research and Assignments - Engaging the college students to participate in research topics that are contemporary and relevant. Topics would be to generate new knowledge about the context, opportunities, and challenges and recommend analytics and alternative solutions. Research allows students to dive deep into subjects and network with the community and develop their abilities to acquire, analyse, and interpret data with the expert support of professors and faculty members.

Corporates can leverage the capabilities of students as researchers through assignments and case studies.

Let's break down silos and join forces. Together, colleges and corporations can create a movement that empowers students, strengthen businesses, and propel our nation forward.

Call to action: Share your thoughts! How can we further strengthen the collaboration between academia and industry? Let's discuss this in the comments below.

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