02 January, 2024

How Skills Connect Facilitated Credilio in Recruiting Sales Interns


Tushar Hadawale


Introduction: Credilio, a leading Fintech company, sought to streamline and enhance its campus hiring process to attract top-tier talent directly from educational institutions. Recognizing the strategic importance of building a strong pipeline of skilled graduates, Credelio engaged in a comprehensive collaboration with our Campus Hiring Optimization Services.

Challenge: Credilio looked forward to efficiently identifying and recruiting the right candidates from various campuses. The process was time taking, and the company aimed to establish a more structured and targeted approach to campus hiring. The goal was to ensure a seamless transition from academia to the professional world while meeting the company's evolving talent needs.

Our Approach:

  1. Customized Campus Strategy: Based on the requirement, we developed a tailored campus hiring strategy. This included defining target universities, specifying the desired skill sets, and creating a timeline for campus engagement.
  2. Collaboration with Educational Institutions: We forged partnerships with targeted educational institutions, establishing a direct line of communication with career services, faculty, and student groups. This ensured a proactive presence during campus events.
  3. Brand Visibility: To attract top talent, we worked on enhancing Credelio’s brand visibility on campuses. This involved organizing interactive sessions to showcase the company's work culture and career opportunities.
  4. Efficient Recruitment Process: We implemented an efficient recruitment process, including pre-placement talks, resume screenings, technical assessments, and personalized interviews. This streamlined approach ensured a quicker and more effective hiring cycle.


  1. Increased Quality of Hires: The customized campus strategy resulted in attracting high-caliber candidates who were a strong cultural fit for Credilio, contributing to the overall success of the company.
  2. Reduced Time-to-Hire: The optimized recruitment process significantly reduced the time it took to identify and onboard candidates. This efficiency was crucial in securing top talent before they explored alternative opportunities.
  3. Positive Employer Branding: Credilio experienced an improvement in its employer brand perception among students. The company became a preferred employer on campuses, leading to increased participation and interest from top-tier talent.
  4. Talent Pipeline Development: The campus hiring strategy not only addressed immediate hiring needs but also contributed to the development of a robust talent pipeline, ensuring a continuous flow of skilled professionals for future requirements.

 Neelam Sanguri (Head of Human Resources & Training Academy)

“It was an amazing experience to recruit young and fresh talents from B-schools to Credilio via Skillsconnect platform. From Group Discussions to Interviews, the process was seamless resulting in closing the positions in a single day. Thankyou Ranu, Priyanka, and team for a smooth and hassle-free experience.”

Conclusion: Through strategic collaboration and a tailored approach to campus hiring, Credilio successfully optimized its campus recruitment process. The initiative not only met immediate talent acquisition needs but also positioned the company as an employer of choice, ready to meet future challenges with a dynamic and skilled workforce.

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