02 January, 2023



Aditi Joshi


Instagram is the most used social media app in today’s time. When we think about social media, instagram instantly clicks into our mind. This is the power of a social media app, people spend a lot of time on this app and hence this platform can be used strategically for any business.

Tips for instagram marketing are as follows:

Switch to your Instagram business account

Before starting with anything, male sure that you have your instagram account switched into the business account because that is going to help you in numerous ways. You can post your advertisements hassle free, you’ll be able to provide your contact information for the customers for better reach, you will get to establish your brand with the help of business account on instagram.

Use relatable hashtags

By using relatable hashtags according to your Business you get to reach to your target audience and this will also help you showup on their explore feed. You can even make your company’s branded hashtag which will give your audience a sense of your business.

Use instagram marketing tools

Instagram will help you to understand who are the people that are visiting your page, what type of people show interest in you business, from which location who are getting your audience. This will help you to customise your content accordingly and help you reach more audience.

Post at the right time

When it come to posting your content on instagram, you should be careful about when you post your content because if there are not people to consume your content then there is no use of posting it. Choose a right time according to your instagram tools which help you understand when you audience is the most active. This will help you to have a better reach.

Collaborate with Business/influencers on instagram

When you collaborate with a different business or an influencer, you automatically get exposed to a new set of audience and the traffic on your page will definitely increase and you’ll be able to tap more customers by collaborating.

Sponsored ads on instagram

When you feel that you have gained a good number of audience on tour page, its time to bring out sponsored ads and attract more customers. You can reach out to a lot of people through sponsored story, post. You will have to catch their eyes and bring them to visit your page so that, they are exposed to you Business and if they are in need or if they find your business interesting, they might even become your customer right away.

Use short video content

Use the short video form of instagram which is also called as reels, this is the new feature of instagram which has proven to be very effective in terms of reaching out to the audience. People also tend to send most of their time on reels so this might be your chance to male use of their time and promote your business.

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