02 November, 2022



Aditi Joshi


Transformation from a student to professional is not a cake walk and one needs to work on themselves for the transformation to actually take place. For a professional transformation, certain skills need to be developed which are as follows:

  • Communication skills

Communication skill may seem like a repetitive skill but it is the utmost important skill when it comes to professional life. It is the fundamental skill as it helps to put thoughts into words. If you lack in your communication skills, then it is high time that you start improving and working on it.

  • Creativity and imagination

If you think that there is no possible way to learn or improve skills like creativity and imagination then you are wrong. You can work on these skills by building curiosity by asking question for everything. Once you start building curiosity, you will start to think out of the box. This will help you to stand out from your contemporaries.


  • People management

The ability to handle people is probably the biggest asset a person could have. When you are seen as a people’s person it gives you an upper hand and helps you achieve a great position in your professional life.

  • Negotiation skills

Sales is not the only job role where negotiation skills are essential. Whatever your job role is, negotiating is a part of everything. It will help you convince anyone in interest of your thoughts.

  • Networking skills

Learn how to network with other professionals and connect with them. When we connect with different type of people, it gives a sense of exploration which is very important. The world is very small and anyone at any point of time can come to your rescue professionally, so networking is an essential skill that needs to be developed.

  • Adaptability

You should never say “i cannot do this” because nothing in this world is impossible. Change is constant and hence you need to be adaptable to any situation that comes your way in your professional life.


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