01 October, 2022



Aditi Joshi



First let us understand what group discussion means

Group discussion means exchanging ideas with a group of people and which is generally conducted face to face. It is an essential part of testing the candidate’s ability for a specific role.group discussion tests the candidates leadership skills, listening skills, communication, problem solving skills and teamwork. Now a days Group Discussion are conducted in most of the recruitments process to filter out the best candidates possible.

Importance of Group Discussion

  • Recruitments

It helps the recruiter to understand whether the candidate is capable of doing a particular job. This is also an important step where the candidates are filtered out on the basis of how they perform in a group discussion.

  • Leadership qualities 

Group Discussion clearly indicated who amongst the candidates is taking a leand and who is a passive speaker. Here the recruiters understand who will be a better person to take a lead in the organization.

  • Team work

While working in an organization, it is very important to work in a team and also listen to others point of view and ideas. This quality will also be evaluated in the group discussion. 

  • Communication skills

Communication is one skill that will help you anywhere in the world and Group Discussions are essentially held to evaluate how the candidate communicates and how they carry themselves. It is also very important to speak according to the topic and not talk about any irrelevant topic.

  • Willingness to take initiative

This is again a very important part of professional and personal life wherein you should be able to take that extra and the first initiative whenever it is required. Recruiters highly regard it.

  • Adaptability

In today’s dynamic environment it is important to keep yourself adaptable and flexible to any situation that would come your way. In a Group Discussion it may happen that you might not agree to some points but then you also need to understand the mindset of the person who is putting that point forward and accept it.


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